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Meet Alec Sharpe in our first edition of Employee Spotlight!

Meet Alec Sharpe in our first edition of Employee Spotlight!

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I came to Crayex because of my respect for the company and its leadership. Having sold Crayex film and bags since 1976 as a distributor, I actually knew little about production. Now I understand much more of what goes into the manufacturing of films and bags and my respect and admiration for Crayex these past 3 years has increased dramatically. All aspects of this company are open to me as a sales representative. There are no silos or divisions that are off limits to sales team. We all get it done. My relationship with Crayex has shown me their products are quality and their service consistently beats their competition. As a family company, all employees take a personal interest in maintaining the reputation of Crayex with excellence in their work. That’s why it is the right place for me!

My family is close so Mary, my bride of 45 years, and I play an integral part in the lives of our sons, daughter-in-law and five grandchildren (6 months-11 years). Being together after church, celebrating birthdays, holidays and special events is a part of our weekly lives together. Fishing, hunting, a little golf, small group/bible study and bicycling fill out the rest of our days. Buddy is our pet Pug who is a friend to all.

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