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Premiering our new C&D Shrink Bundling Video!

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C&D Bundling film is designed with performance in mind when running on high output automated shrink machines.  In bundling, there are three general types of machines, 2 roll, cut and wrap, and CF fully enclosed.  Although there are certain blends consistent with all 3 they’re still each fully customizable including, gauge, color, slip, venting, roll diameter, and printed options.  

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Crayex in Piqua is hiring Production Operators

Crayex in Piqua is hiring Production Operators

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Pay: $13/hour starting wage + $1 per hour night premium + a production bonus of up to approximately $2/hour paid quarterly!

The Crayex Corporation has exciting ground floor openings for production operators in our Piqua, Ohio facility. There are many opportunities for advancement! Our production operators pull rolls of plastic off of production lines, perform quality checks, and package them for shipment according to the work orders. Quality samples are taken and recorded hourly. continue reading

Plastic from Christmas Trees?

Plastic from Christmas Trees?

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At the start of every new year the curbs of small town America are littered with brittle Christmas trees just waiting to be picked up and hauled away to the dump…but what if there was a better use for these discarded decorations? Scientists have recently found away to use chemicals found in these old Christmas trees to make plastic! continue reading

Tour the Lab at Crayex!

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We’ve recently premiered our video tour of the lab at Crayex Corporation in Piqua, Ohio.  Join us as we take a closer look at some of the testing we conduct to make sure our products meet the highest in quality standards!