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Premiering our new C&D Shrink Bundling Video!

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C&D Bundling film is designed with performance in mind when running on high output automated shrink machines.  In bundling, there are three general types of machines, 2 roll, cut and wrap, and CF fully enclosed.  Although there are certain blends consistent with all 3 they’re still each fully customizable including, gauge, color, slip, venting, roll diameter, and printed options.  

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Crayex offers Separated Bags, Sheets and Sleeves!

Posted on September 21, 2016 by in News, Products with no comments

Crayex is proud to offer our customers separated bags, sheets and sleeves loose in a case.  We can provide this for products up to 50″ wide in lay-flat or gusseted, up to 60″ in length and with thicknesses of 1 – 10 mil in mono or co-extruded.

We can separate shrink and non-shrink, industrial grade or food grade,  printed or vented,  in any slip level, with any additive or tint.

Contact us today for more information about separated bags, sheets and sleeves!