At Crayex Corporation we believe it is our inherent responsibility to preserve the environment in which we live, work, and play.  Through sustainability initiatives and source reduction measures, we are able to limit the impact our manufacturing process has on the natural community while creating a healthier and safer work environment for our employees.  Investment in advanced technologies and state of the art equipment has enabled us to achieve eco-friendly results. Examples of our efforts:

  • Based on collaborative research with critical suppliers, we developed lighter gauge films that reduce waste and energy consumption while maintaining excellent strength and performance.
  • Established a zero waste management initiative for our printing operation using recycling technology for inks and solvents.
  • Conducted an independent energy audit which identified inefficient equipment and lighting that could be replaced with energy saving alternatives.
  • Utilizing cutting edge reclaim and plastic recycling equipment, 100% of our production scrap is reprocessed.
  • Established recycling programs with vendors and customers reducing waste in area landfills.

Together, we are making a difference by protecting our most precious resources.  We do this not only for our generation but for our children’s generation and beyond.