Piqua has won the Ohio Economic Development Association Excellence Award!

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The Ohio Economic Development Association (OEDA), an economic development professional organization with over 600 members statewide, has announced that they’ve selected the Piqua Placemaking Initiative as the winner of the Economic Development Marketing Small Community award!  This award was presented during the 2017 Annual Summit held in Columbus from October 18th through 20th.

“All of us at the City of Piqua have worked extremely hard in recent years to reinvent our community. The Piqua Placemaking Initiative is an important and significant effort to utilize both man-made and natural assets to connect our wonderful Downtown area with a magnificent Riverfront to provide the ‘Quality of Life and Place’ for citizens, businesses, and visitors,” said Piqua Manager Gary Huff of the award.

The Piqua Placemaking Initiative began in 2013 after the completion of a Miami County Visitor’s Beuru branding study that showed Piqua was seen in a negative light in comparison to other Miami County communities. The Piqua Placemaking Initiative aims to turn that perception around and begin to attract new businesses and residents to the community.

One of the notable ways that the Piqua Placemaking Initiative has begun to engage the community is by constructing a 1/8th scale model showcasing future development projects and hosting it at popular local businesses so that Piqua residents could get a sneak peak at what the future could hold for Piqua, and offer their feedback. This community interaction has proven invaluable to the Placemaking Initiative, and along with other projects has contributed to a rise in private sector investment in the community.

You can read more about the Piqua Placemaking Initiative on the Piqua, Ohio website.

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